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Summer Gardening Tips from the Old Farmers’ Almanac

Summer is quickly approaching and that means it’s time to prep our gardens for the hot and humid weather ahead. It may feel like summer year-round in sunny South Florida, but we still have certain times of year that are optimal for different crops. The Farmers’ Almanac is a great way to look for specific areas and dates to plant. Here are some examples of summer gardening tips you can find in the Old Farmers’ Almanac.

The Best Fruits & Veggies to Grow in Summer

In the Florida heat, it’s important to grow plants that can withstand and thrive in the summer sun. Some great fruits and vegetables to be planting now through early June are eggplant, melon, okra, peas, pepper, potatoes, pumpkin, sweet potatoes, and watermelon.

Depending on when you plant them, they’ll be ready to harvest from July to September. If planted late, they will harvest around October to December. Consider how long it takes certain plants to grow when planting crops like pumpkins and sweet potatoes, so they can be ready just in time for the holiday seasons.

The Best Old Farmers’ Almanac Tools to Use

A dependable resource for growing a successful garden, the Farmers’ Almanac makes it as easy as possible to keep on top of all of the important dates for gardening. Their website gives tips, a calendar, frost dates, plant dates, and more – all by location. See for yourself at the Old Farmers’ Almanac website.

Looking for a better way to manage your garden? The Old Farmers’ Almanac offers a Garden Planner app for your phone, laptop, or device. The Garden Planner helps you draw out your garden to decide the perfect layout, shows a personalized planting calendar, provides unique local weather and pest information, and much more.

The Perfect Time to Plant an Herb Garden

Get in on the great new trend of planting an herb garden! Using fresh herbs from your garden is healthier, enhances taste, and adds a personal touch to your cooking. Not to mention, there are herbs for any level of gardener from beginners to professionals.

The summer is the perfect time to start planting an herb garden. Herbs grow fairly quickly if taken care of and can save help money on groceries. Try planting these herbs to start: basil, parsley, oregano, chives, sage, rosemary, and thyme.

Quick Summer Gardening Tips

With their daily updates for question of the day, advice of the day, and more, there’s always something new and quick to learn from the Old Farmers’ Almanac. A few more tips to ensure the summer planting season goes well are:

  • Summer is a good time for soft veggies like beans, sweet corn, squash, and cucumbers.
  • Planting corn now will allow for more pollination.
  • It’s still in season to keep planting tomatoes.
  • Try mulch in the garden to keep away weeds and keep it moist, especially through the hot months approaching.
  • Measure the rainfall to ensure your garden is getting at least an inch of water a week.
  • As far as flowers go, it is prime time to plant bulbs of canna, caladium, blood lily, and iris.
  • Remember to monitor plants for any dead leaves and buds to keep the growth cycle.
  • Check out this link if you’re having trouble with pests in your garden:

Gardening can be hard work, but the fresh fruits, veggies, and herbs are worth it! Gardening is great for summer projects, family bonding, or just to save some extra cash. The Old Farmers’ Almanac provides the best summer gardening tips to kick off a summer and fall filled with fresh homegrown ingredients, beautiful flowers, or tasteful spices.

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