FIN GPS Security Device

Manufactured By: FIN


20 years in the industry, with the 10 most recent being focused solely on Equipment and Trailers. The FIN® GPS Security System is designed exclusively for equipment and trailers – by enthusiasts for enthusiasts. Our units are manufactured in the USA and our company is owned and operated by veterans. The features listed below make FIN® the preeminent equipment security solution on the market today.


If your equipment or trailer is moved, the owner will receive a text message and/or email alert.

At a local event? If someone touches your equipment, you’ll know it.

Have your trailer in the shop? You’ll know when it is being moved.

Letting a family member or friend borrow your trailer? You’ll know where it is all the time. You can also set an alert when your trailer exceeds a specific speed.


Every alert includes a map and/or nearby address of where your equipment or trailer are.

In the event of a theft, the owner and/or the FIN® tracking center can immediately track and locate your equipment.


After locating the equipment or trailer, the owner and/or the FIN® tracking center can interface with the police to quickly recover them.


Our device is designed to use as little power as possible and is a perfect match for equipment and trailers that have smaller batteries.


If there is a defect in our device, FIN will repair or replace it. Period.

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