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4 Types of Lawn Mowers Perfect for Smaller Yards

We always want to ensure that we have the proper equipment when dealing with lawn care and, more importantly, we want to make sure we aren’t spending unnecessary money. With mowers coming in all different types, it can be hard to determine exactly what equipment you need to grow a happy, healthy lawn. Here are a few of your best options when it comes to selecting a perfect fit to care for a small yard.

1. Manual Reel Mower

The “old-fashioned” manual reel mowers have no engine, making them inexpensive, quiet, and environmentally-friendly. Because of their design, they do require a brisk pace and a heavy push to see the best results, so be prepared to get in a decent workout. The best yards for this option are very small and preferably flat, giving the mower the best chance to provide results.

2. Corded Electric Mower

Just plug it in and go! Corded electric lawn mowers have no need for gas and require less effort than the manual reel mowers. As they run on electricity and must be plugged in, their biggest drawback is radius – which is why it’s a great recommendation for small yard owners. The best yards for this option are smaller, open landscapes. Just remember to watch out for the cord and keep it from tangling or getting caught!

3. Cordless Electric Mower

If you have more obstacles around your lawn (such as trees or bushes), then cordless is your best bet. Cordless electric mowers offer the simplicity and green-impact of electric mowers without the limited radius or inconvenient cord. The time limit on battery life makes these mowers ideal for smaller yards. You can easily keep your equipment charged up in between mowing jobs.

4. Standard Push Mower

When you think of lawn mowers, this is likely the image that comes to mind. The standard push mower runs on gas, which makes it less environmentally-friendly than other options but gives your lawn equipment an added boost of power. Because of its extra kick, these mowers have a greater ability to cut down tall grass and weeds. It also navigates terrain more easily than an electric mower might struggle with.

When it comes to choosing your lawn mower, think about the landscape of your lawn and what features are most important for you. With a small yard and the right lawn mower, lawn care can become a fun and active outdoor activity as opposed to a chore. Find the mower that works best for your unique needs.

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